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Easily convert your unused gift cards into Bitcoin. All you need to get started is your ID. Begin today and take advantage of our low fees!
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A passport or driver’s license is all you need.
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Transact and convert your gift cards to Bitcoin instantly.
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01 WHAT WE DO ABOUT US 02 03 Easily convert your prepaid cards to Bitcoin. Sign up with your ID, submit card details, and enjoy low fees and instant access to your digital wealth. Our secure, streamlined process ensures a hassle-free experience, unlocking the value of your prepaid cards. Your security is our top priority. We use advanced encryption, rigorous AML measures, and maintain PCI compliance. As the only U.S.-based company converting prepaid and gift cards to Bitcoin, we ensure your transactions are safe and secure, protecting your digital assets with the highest standards. We currently are owned and operating out of The United States. We are working hard to expand into more states and countries and will keep our customers up to date as we expand our coverage.
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Why Choose Prepaid2Coin

At Prepaid2Coin, we are the only U.S. owned and operated company to offer a fast, secure, and easy way to convert gift card balances into cryptocurrency. Whether you're a seasoned crypto enthusiast, someone without a traditional bank account, or just looking to maximize your gift card value, Prepaid2Coin provides a seamless solution. Empower yourself financially and join the digital currency revolution with Prepaid2Coin – where your cards become crypto.

Innovation meets inclusion. Here, financial barriers fall with every transaction. Join the revolution.